2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

Sept. 18-19, 2017: Washington, D.C.
Price: $995
Member Price: $845

Pre-conference workshops: Monday, Sept. 18 | Main agenda: Tuesday, Sept. 19

  • Run your executive communications strategy like a news desk to respond to the 24/7 nature of communications today
  • Craft speeches that convey your speaker's authentic voice and move audiences to action
  • Repurpose your executive communication content for different platforms—from a speech to a blog post, LinkedIn article, op-ed or tweet
  • Keep leadership communications relevant in a world of shrinking attention spans and information overload

Twitter hashtag: #RaganExecComms

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It's harder to cut through the clutter these days, especially with the recent onslaught of fake news and alternative facts.

How do you make your executive's words count in an age where trust is at an all-time low?

Join us at Ragan's 2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference where you'll learn new ways to capture and amplify your leaders' most important messages and convey them to stakeholders in the most honest, ethical and powerful ways.

You'll learn:

  • New ideas and methods to seek out and share your leader's most vital messages
  • How to persuade stakeholders in honest, ethical and powerful language
  • Why stories are the most powerful technique for reaching and influencing today's audiences
  • How your industry peers are taking advantage of the latest tools and techniques to get their leaders' messages across
  • Ways to build the right executive communications plan for the right executive
  • Methods to quickly identify traits and tendencies in your executive that you can use for stronger communications
  • How to use graphics and dynamic content to enhance your message and your audience's understanding of complicated topics
  • Tips to coach your speaker to walk, gesture and position one's body to convey strength
  • How to develop an executive speech that can easily be transformed into Twitter content or amplified through a Facebook Live event or a Skype For Business meeting
  • And so much more!

Who should attend?

  • Executive communicators
  • Leadership communicators
  • Corporate speechwriters
  • Government speechwriters
  • Freelance speechwriters
  • Internal communicators
  • PR professionals

Presented by: Sponsored by:  
Ragan Communications, Inc.