Facebook for B2B
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Facebook for B2B

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Are these myths crippling your B2B Facebook marketing?

  • Facebook is great for B2C marketing, not so good for B2B
  • Young people are abandoning Facebook anyway
  • You only succeed on huge social networks like Facebook by getting hundreds of thousands of fans
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Shel Holtz explodes these myths in his new Ragan interactive course, “Facebook for B2B.”

If you’ve downplayed the importance of your company’s B2B pages on Facebook, think again.

Holtz argues, “In many ways, Facebook (and social media) is better at B2B selling than at B2C.”

And these statistics support his argument:

  • 93% of B2B buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence
  • B2B pages on Facebook get a higher % of likes and comments than B2C pages
  • 56% of B2B vendors got new business partnerships on social media, compared to 45% of B2C marketers

Do you have what it takes to score big in B2B on Facebook? Shel will show you:

  • How the 13 main features of the Facebook B2B cover page work
  • The two kinds of Facebook posts by you: “pinned” and “starred”
  • How to liven up your Mini-Timeline and your company’s Milestones

Why is getting a “like” just the beginning of a lot of hard work?

  • Too many companies make earning “likes” their only goal
  • The percentage of people who like you who will never return to your Facebook page—you won’t believe how large it is
  • The one reason you want to go after likes—but only as the first step

To engage your followers and bring orders in on Facebook, you must get people talking, commenting sharing content, and asking questions:

  • Why great content is not enough on Facebook
  • Why some interactions are worth more than others in Facebook’s eyes
  • The three qualities that will boost Facebook’s “EdgeRank” rating of your content
  • Why a “like” means nothing unless your posts appear in the “liker’s” news feed
  • How many times a day you should post to your Facebook B2B page
  • The ten types of ranked content on Facebook B2B pages
  • The four most effective types of B2B photo content

Remember Holtz’ Axiom: Content marketing works best for B2B Facebook sites. You must tie your product or service to content of some sort: a story, a photo, a video, a blog, a feature article or customer narrative.

The greatest untapped opportunity for B2B marketers on Facebook is Timeline:

  • What makes the Timeline such a powerful B2B persuader of potential clients
  • Why video testimonials on Timeline deliver so much punch
  • How transparency on your Timeline can sell your brand like nothing else
  • How product use cases get BUZZ on your Timeline

Off-the-Wall (not on Timeline) marketing opportunities:

  • Why you should never neglect your “About” tab and the events page
  • Why you MUST consider a separate page for B2B videos
  • Why trying to sell your products directly on Facebook won’t usually work

Why Facebook ads support your B2B content so well:

  • Why you’ll be making a huge mistake if you dismiss Facebook ads
  • The main types of Facebook ads and how to use them effectively
  • How Facebook’s Premium ads create a symbiosis with content in your Timeline
  • The two types of Sponsored Stories Facebook ads: which is better and why

Are you:

  • A novice social media manager who’s been given the job of creating your company’s B2B Facebook page?”
  • Fine tuning your existing B2B pages?
  • Looking for resources to make your B2B pages succeed?

This interactive course is for YOU!

  • It gives you logical, coherent, systematic, step-by-step instructions to make a powerful B2B site.
  • It holds dozens of practical changes you can make now and see instant results.
  • It contains a vast supply of B2B marketing resources, workable tips, shortcuts and case studies from the finest marketing minds on Facebook now.