Internal Communicators Writing Workshop: Create great feature stories and publications your employees love

Internal Communicators Writing Workshop: Create great feature stories and publications your employees love

Price: $395
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Join Mark RaganRagan Communications CEO and former award-winning national news reporter—for this two-hour writing workshop.

You'll learn:

  • How to find color, emotion and excitement in boring assignments
  • How to add a human element to every story
  • What you can do to write award-winning features—see real examples from Ragan's recent awards
  • How to avoid the top three mistakes editors make
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You've got to write a feature on that retiring plant maintenance supervisor.

Or you're trying to edit a print publication nobody reads—even in your own lunchroom.

Don't just slop it out. Learn how to have fun and win back readers. Join Mark Ragan for this career-rejuvenating webcast.

Here's what you'll get in these two must-see sessions:

Part 1
Editing with a flourish: Write, edit and produce a great employee publication—with content they'll eat up

Don't believe the naysayers. Print isn't dead.

Readers of produce great print magazines and newsletters for employees every day. We know because we review and judge them in our annual awards competitions.

But in a world dominated by Twitter and Facebook, you rarely hear about the print editor and writer.

So what goes into producing a successful, engaging employee publication—one that you love editing?

Part 2
Writing with panache: Craft a great feature story without boring your readers—or yourself

Mark Ragan explains that there are no dull stories, only dull approaches.

In this webcast on-demand, Mark Ragan provides real-life examples of editors who've brought supposedly tedious corporate process and initiative stories to life.

You'll learn:

  • How to grab the reader by the lapels in your first paragraph
  • 5 ways to break down complex subjects while researching your story
  • How to add color and emotion to a story without leaving your desk
  • Techniques for putting real people into your story (and why you must do so)
  • How to save time by creating a mission statement for your story before you begin researching and writing it
  • Mark supports his points with examples from the best employee writers and editors in the business.

You'll not only learn how to craft compelling feature stories, but you'll walk away with a "tickle file" of ideas from other great company writers and editors.

Learn from the publisher of and PR Daily about:

  • The top three employee publications from the Ragan Awards Competition and the elements that make them amazing
  • How to practice “refrigerator journalism” and make your publication indispensable to employees
  • How to avoid the top 3 mistakes employee editors make
  • How the Internet and social media have changed the way employees read—and how to leverage those changes
  • How to use a dollar bill to measure whether your copy is too heavy
  • The role of the cover or title pages in newsletters and magazines. (Most employee publications get this wrong)
  • 2 tricks that get you past writer's block and help you write faster (and more creatively)

There is no pie-in-the-sky theory in Mark's presentation. This course is packed with real examples from the corporate and organizational world.

Join us now.