Native Advertising (aka Sponsored Content):
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Native Advertising (aka Sponsored Content):

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What is Native Advertising (aka Sponsored Content)?

Shel Holtz defines it as “Advertising that is integrated into the content of a media site.”

Here’s why you must know the secrets of this new way of branding and selling:

  • In the last 5 years, this new powerhouse for integrated marketing specialists has popped up all over the PR, marketing and communication landscape.
  • In the last 3 years, Native Advertising has exploded. You know it as the multi-billion-dollar content-marketing industry. There is no end in sight for this blazing hot tool.
  • Studies prove Native Advertising has extraordinary selling power. It changes minds about brands and draws new fans and customers to a brand, and changes corporate reputations.
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Native Advertising is so powerful that Holtz believes communicators and PR people must learn it NOW, if only to keep it out of the hands of the cowboys in marketing agencies and corporate marketing departments. And because organizational insiders can do native advertising better than outsiders.

Shel wants to ward off what he sees as the possibility of tight regulation of Native Advertising by the feds. He wants to forestall scandals in which advertising masquerades as real news—a very real fear.

Shel wants YOU, the corporate PR specialist or organizational communicator, in control of native advertising. In this interactive course, Holtz gives you the ideas you need to get your business, nonprofit, or government unit started as a formidable Native Advertiser:

  • The 3 types of sponsored content: Paid Syndication, Paid Integration, Paid Co-Creation
  • The 4 kinds of Paid Syndication: Tourist ads, Resident ads, Citizen ads, True native ads
  • Many examples of the best native advertising from Forbes, The Atlantic, IBM, & others
  • How far you can go in blending your content with your news site partner’s content
  • How to set up a co-creation content site written and edited by others
  • How to observe the strict ethics of paid integrated content
  • What the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has done so far to regulate Native Ads
  • How companies distinguish their paid content from their host site’s content
  • How to set up a tourist ad, resident ad, citizen ad, and a true native ad
  • De-constructed paid content in the four typical types of Paid Syndication

When you get through this 60-minute course, you’ll know exactly what native advertising and sponsored content are; you’ll know the pitfalls of content marketing and paid syndication; you’ll know where to look for great sponsored content and the cleverest integration of paid content.

You’ll have killer arguments for a greatly expanded content marketing program in your organization or business. You’ll know how to look for partner organizations for your paid advertising content. Best of all, your paid content horizons will have doubled and quadrupled; you’ll be looking for content venues in some very unlikely places!

Bonus: You’ll find yourself using the concepts and ideas in this course in all your internal and external PR and news stories. Holtz is that suggestive.