Why and How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air
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Why and How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air

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Google+ Hangouts on Air embodies the biggest discoveries of the last 20 years in employee and PR communications. Hangouts on Air is:

  • Face-to-face
  • Free
  • Virtual
  • Real-time
  • Conversational
  • Interactive
  • Spontaneous
  • Grass-roots
  • Content-dominated
  • Easy to use—no special software to buy
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Hangouts on Air defines cool. Why? Because it features:

  • Small groups of specialists, experts, insiders, and plain employees talking
  • Live Q&A
  • The ability to segment audiences when necessary
  • The feel of being outside official channels, on the industry front lines
  • The intimate, friendly atmosphere of a small meeting of equals
  • No corporate or organization hierarchies on display

Now, for the very first time, you get an in-depth explanation of “Google+ Hangouts on Air” (HOA) and how it works for communicators from the master of organizational communications technology, Shel Holtz, in his newest interactive course, “Why and How to Use Google+ Hangouts on Air.”

What is Google+ Hangouts on Air?

Google+ Hangouts on Air is a remarkable online video-conferencing communication tool that organizational communicators have largely ignored. It’s FREE. It’s powerful. It broadcasts to a small group or to the entire world in real time, taking questions and engaging your audiences.
Your entire Hangout on Air session gets instantly saved as a YouTube video after it ends automatically, for free. In this 90-minute interactive course, you’ll learn how:

  • Hangouts on Air work
  • To set one up
  • To promote one
  • To host one
  • To be a guest
  • Real organizations use this amazing tool
  • To get HOA best practices

Organizations use them for everything, to supplement their content marketing, to connect with customers or employees, for customer service, for training, and even for pure entertainment.

The White House, Disney, Dell and Cadbury, and uncounted thousands of organizations have held Hangouts on Air. Anybody with a Google+ account is able to watch a Hangout on Air for free on your organization’s Google+ page.

Why Hangouts on Air is so popular for corporate communicators and PR

The very format of Hangouts on Air symbolizes transparency, openness, and innovation.
Small groups of experts can talk informally in a give-and-take discussion. It’s today’s preferred way to communicate, conduct interviews and share big news. It advances the reputation of your company.

Hangouts on Air take place in real time, so your demo or training lesson benefits from the huge attraction of hearing something new, original, unrehearsed and unscripted.

Why Shel Holtz is the best teacher for the new and the unfamiliar

Nobody is better at explaining the basics of a revolutionary new communications tool like Hangouts on Air than Shel Holtz. Holtz recommends your organization get its own Google+ page and that you run Hangouts on Air from a company Google+ page, not your personal page.

The great thing about Hangouts on Air: Almost NO hardware requiredjust a basic webcam for the top of your computer and a microphone.

In this course Shel teaches you:

  • The 10 basic characteristics of Hangouts on Air
  • Exactly what you can and can’t do with this astoundingly versatile platform
  • 8 powerful ways real companies use Hangouts on Air
  • How top brands like Dell, Netflix, Cadbury’s and others pioneered this tool for business
  • Why Hangouts on Air have become so popular for training customers to use products
  • How to get up and running on Hangouts on Air immediately
  • 6 Steps to Initiate a Live Hangout on Air
  • 9 features that make HOAs more engaging and interactive for everybody
  • 11 tips for being a better HOA host
  • 8 sure-fire ways to be a perfect guest on someone else’s HOA

You’ll understand how YouTube and Google HOA work together to archive, and distribute your recorded videos.

Take control of your Hangout on Air

Here is where Shel shows his mastery of Hangouts on Air. He reveals

  • How your audience and participants use HOA apps
  • How to keep the camera from jumping around in response to random noise by panelists
  • How to find people who are talking about your HOA while it’s in progress
  • and that’s just for starters.

Tips, tricks and advice for HOA hosts AND guests

Tips for hosts: The fact is, this section alone is worth the money you’ll spend on this module. You’ll return to this stretch of Shel’s video again and again to memorize such tips as: Start getting ready for your HOA at least a half-hour in advance, even if you have only a couple of guest panelists; shut down any software on your computer that you won’t be using before your HOA starts; if you’re going to display graphics, don’t do this from a browser window, use image software insteadand Shel’s list of shortcuts and tips goes on and on and on.

Tips for guests: Another prime example of Holtz at his detail-conscious best. Don’t confront your HOA audience with the image of your chaotic credenza or your rumpled, unmade bed behind your on-screen image; make sure your internet connection is a hard connection, not on wi-fi; how to practice and concentrate to keep your gaze on the lens of your webcam throughout the Hangoutevery one of Shel’s tips is worth memorizing.

How to market your HOA: Shel gives you seven ways to market your HOA, beginning with a tip that might seem obvious, but is often overlooked: Give all the people in your Hangout, your co-hosts and guests, the link to your HOA and ask them to promote it. You’ll find all of his marketing HOA tips to be this practical, immediately useful, and simple to do.

Extensions: Shel shares 8 tips for getting the most out of “extensions” for Hangouts on Air. (“Extensions” are apps for your Hangout on Air platforms.) There are eight of them on the left side of your HOA live broadcast screen. You can add others to increase the power and versatility of your Hangouts on Air.

HOA resource list: Shel’s list includes: blogs, videos, podcasts and more! It’s a gold mine of practical ideas to transform your communications.

This course is the thorough, detailed explanation of Google+ Hangouts on Air you need for instant mastery over one of the most powerful internal and external platforms ever offered to communicators.

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