Google+ and Hangouts on Air: A complete guide for corporate communicators
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Google+ and Hangouts on Air: A complete guide for corporate communicators

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Corporate communicators everywhere must take full advantage of the power of Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air to enhance your organization’s comms.

Get the comprehensive training you need to add both to your communications plan with this two-part interactive course featuring Shel Holz.

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Take 20 seconds to answer these three questions:

  • Sick of waiting 4 hours for IT to get vital news to your organization on your old CMS?
  • Want to do more live video of small groups to reach employees emotionally?
  • Could you use an employee-audience segmenting tool that’s simple, powerful, FREE?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you owe it to your career and organization to study Shel Holtz’s latest two-part interactive course, “Google+ and Hangouts on Air: A complete guide for corporate communicators.”

These two new interactive courses are now available to corporate communicators for the first time

Why should you learn Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air?

  • Because Google+ and Google+ Hangouts on Air are absolutely FREE
  • Because other than a cheap webcam and mic, there’s no hardware to buy
  • Because Hangouts on Air (HOA) broadcasts to a small group or the entire world in real time
  • Because HOA takes questions and engages audiences like no other tool ever has—FREE
  • Because your entire HOA session gets saved to YouTube automatically, FREE
  • Because HOA promotes the feel of being outside of stuffy official channels like nothing else
  • Because Google+ Circles lets you segment employee audiences 10 or 100 ways—FREE
  • Because Google+ boasts more than 300,000,000 active monthly users
  • Because Google+ has the 2nd-highest visitor engagement of all social networks
  • Because tens of millions of your customers and vendors will be drawn into Google+ by other pervasively-used Google tools in the next few months
  • Because on HOA, the intimate, friendly atmosphere of a small group of equals predominates
  • Because organizations use HOA’s for EVERYTHING: for content marketing, to connect directly with customers in real time, for customer service, for training, for personalized recruitment, to publicize the org’s SME’s, for live project management, for news, for town halls—everything!

WHAT are you waiting for? Bypass IT. Forget Sharepoint 2013. Revolutionize your fading employee video program by introducing live small-group video in real time. Do executive communications that are 10 times more powerful, intimate, and popular than the same old quarterly live-broadcast town hall.

Order this two-part content-packed interactive course combo now.