SharePoint Desktop Learning Series

SharePoint Desktop Learning Series

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Learn everything you need to know about SharePoint without leaving your desk! No travel costs. No conference fees. No high-priced consultants.
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For the first time ever, we've packaged all of our SharePoint training products and research—and put them in a box for you.

We call it SharePoint Desktop Learning: A Total Immersion Course for Communicators.

Here's what you get:

Two 90-minute desktop tutorials by communicators who became SharePoint experts. These information-packed CDs include examples of SharePoint tools and a detailed presentation on how and when to use them:

Tutorial #1 with Jody Rosner: How to use SharePoint for social media

Get your social media up and running in a short time with SharePoint. What is SharePoint and why should you use it? What are the pitfalls of SharePoint? What can your communications team do with SharePoint? SharePoint expert Jody Rosner, will answer your burning questions and more.

Jody is the Communications Officer for the Office of Legislative Counsel, State of California. Jody brings his unique blend of professional communication skills along with a deep background in the IT world to help provide solutions for fellow communicators. He has spoken at conferences around the country and is featured as a case study in the Ragan publication, "State of the Profession 2007: What you make, what you spend and how to thrive in an unpredictable future." You can also see him speak at Ragan's Corporate Communicators Conference in May 2008.

Tutorial #2 with Therese Griffin and Christy Season: SharePoint on the cheap

Find out how an energy-based holding company in South Carolina turned a budget crunch into a success story. Griffin and Season will show you how to revolutionize your internal communications plan with fewer resources and no budget, launch a bulletin board for an employee eBay-type exchange site and build a photo slide show to link to your intranet.

Therese is manager of corporate communications and philanthropy at SCANA Corp. She is responsible for employee communications, publications, video communications, and both internal and external online communications. Griffin and her team of communicators work with SCANA's senior executives and business unit leaders to match communications initiatives with business objectives. She is also responsible for SCANA's community relations program, which includes corporate giving and employee volunteerism.

Christy is an intranet strategist at SCANA Corp. She oversees the strategy of the company's intranet which reaches almost 6,000 employees. She works closely with internal customers and acts as a liaison with the company's IT department, helping translate business requirements into technology solutions. Christy has strong SharePoint expertise and has trained more than 100 employees on the tool. She is currently overseeing and managing a complete redesign of the company's intranet using SharePoint.

Case studies
After you've completed the desktop tutorials, dive into these benchmarking case studies:

  1. Learn the basics of SharePoint
  2. Build a document library to work on articles before they're published
  3. Add photos to your SharePoint picture library
  4. Stop relying on IT and do it yourself

Plus! You'll also receive Jody Rosner's best-selling report: "Strategies for using SharePoint":

  • Put social media to work at your company
  • Design and customize your SharePoint site
  • Create surveys, wikis and blogs
  • Support your company's intranet with an integrated platform

Finally, we've packed a CD with in-depth interviews with SharePoint communicators, who will show you how to:

  • Create a poll with a step-by-step tutorial inside SharePoint
  • Use SharePoint to publish announcements, e-mail messages and blogs
  • Give your site a new look by adding photos